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Individual Testimonials


"After completing the JRP programme, I am more certain of myself and now have the confidence to do my best.
Voice Communication, specifically, helped open my mind and took me out of my comfort zone. My friends and familymembers have also noticed my improved poise and posture."

Lim Kai Qi, Student

"I have learnt the importance of proper elocution which is rarely understood or taught nowadays. JRP has also helped me understand myself better and improve my image. I now know what constitute a better walk and how to project a more respectable aura which is helpful to me as a club president in my college."

Adrian Loke, Student


"My son, Ryan went for Oxford University interview recently and he found that your course has been helpful."

Jeannie Lew

Daweena Motwany, JRP Graduate and Student at the Australian International School Malaysia.

“We are so very proud of Daweena who won the Bronze Medal for Essay Writing Competition, World Scholar’s Cup (WSC) World Tournament of Champions hosted by Yale University. Daweena did well and she did it with great confidence”

Executive Director of JRP Malaysia, Irene Yeoh



Pieter Nababan, Graduate